7.May 2013
Today, TopWare Interactive announced the on-shelf retail version release of the arcade space combat simulator "Iron Sky: Invasion" on
7.November 2012
The Russian ambassador is a tricky one. On the surface, he is trying to make it look as if he is just happy to be cooperating with the Americans
2.November 2012
Renate is an ex-Nazi who believed in what the moon Nazi's were doing, until she got a better look at the Nazi's actions. Their mantra of "w
31.October 2012
The German-Admiral has a burning hate for the protagonist (hero/pilot), as he cannot stand his cocky American attitude. He is a gruff and angry m
24.October 2012
Mr. Sharma, representing the interests of the Indian Union in the Moon Nazi conflict, quickly dismisses defending Earth as his top priority. The
19.October 2012
Terrified by the sudden appearance of the eerie Spacezeppelins approaching Earth, the call to arms sounds loud and clear across the globe. All Nat
17.September 2012
The Moon Nazis constructed the Siegfried-Class capital ships, the biggest, most deadly warships of the Fourth Reich.
14.September 2012
The first data we managed to decipher from the secret documents is a number of extremely intricate schematics, all labeled with the mysterious cod
13.September 2012
So it was true. It was all true. The so-called consipracy theorists, the doomsayers, the believers – they all have been warning us, but we j
12.September 2012
バンザイ! Finally, a screenshot of the Banzai craft ready and waiting in Earth’s orbit.
10.September 2012
The cutting edge technology of the Empire of Japan - Banzai
6.September 2012
Ever since we detected the mysterious moving anomaly in our long-ranger scanner readings last week, we have been busy trying to find out its nature
5.September 2012
Let the pictures do the talking - here she is, our Spitfire in flight, ruling nebulas and galaxies indeed!
4.September 2012
Here she is, now seen up close, radiating power and glory - the Spitfire space fighter! Tomorrow, see it rule the nebulas!
3.September 2012
Behold, the Union Jack in space - for the Spitfire is here!
2.September 2012
Some days ago an anomaly was detected in the outer space readings provided by our long-range scanners; since then, our Scientific Research Departm
31.August 2012
You've seen the ships fly in outer space. But now see them in action!
29.August 2012
Today the Valkyries ride. See them soar. Hear their battle cry. Our Walkyr fighters are ready!
28.August 2012
Here she is - the proud Valkyrie, now as an in-game model!
27.August 2012
The Valkyries descend when the Rhine Gold is uncovered… and here they are!
26.August 2012
The first test flights of the new vessel Dundee, proved a complete success. See how it looked.
25.August 2012
The first stage of our work is done. Our "Dundee" spacecraft is ready. See and judge by yourselves, what we have achieved.
24.August 2012
Mother Earth needs you to defend her honor from the invasion of the Moon Nazis! Are you an astro pilot or a cosmic cadet? If you are, read on! If y
24.August 2012
We launched new research program called "Our Allies". You can find information about flyable spaceships from our game.
23.August 2012
We prensent to you first ingame images of Rheingold spaceship from our game "Iron Sky Invasion".
22.August 2012
Scan report: Long-range sensors detected an unidentified object, heading toward our HQ. Detailed information will be provided ASAP.
22.August 2012
 First task completed: We are proud to present our ingame version of spaceship "Rheingold"
21.August 2012
Our intelligence obtain classified information about spaceship "Rheingold" and now they are transferring them to HQ. Expect more data so
20.August 2012
First raport: Today we’ve launched the website and the Facebook’s fanpage. Raport is saying that we are almost fully operational!

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