Though our enemy is strong in numbers, we shall not waver, we shall not fail.

Let this be a call to arms for all mankind, to unite and to strike back.

We shall fight in space, we shall fight on asteroids, we shall fight across nebulas and in constellations. We shall defend our planet, whatever the cost may be.


G’day, mates! Eddie Kelly here, with a special message from Oz. No doubt you’ve all seen our Dundee bomber by now. A right beaut she is, is that Ozzette! Well, the fine blokes who recreated it for this ace game have asked me to give you the drum on it – so here it is!

Named in honor of one of the most renowned parts of Australian history, the Dundee is an advanced space bomber, equipped with high-powered Kinetic Missile Launchers. The ship’s hull is fitted with solar arrays and several actuators, to allow it to quickly open, thus exposing the main offensive systems,
which are otherwise protected by the armored nose cone.
The Dundee is proudly adorned with an image of the Australian flag and the logo of Australia’s National Space Exploration Agency, complete with its Space-a-Roo mascot. The ship’s crack pilots have also added an unofficial (though tacitly tolerated by the High Command) personal touch to the hull – a colorful painting of a smiling woman and the phrase “Hot Rods of God”, in honor of similar World War II ornaments which once decorated the fighters and bombers of famed Aussie flying aces, such as Grp. Capt. Keith Hampshire or Wg. Cmdr. Bobby Gibbes.

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