We are the gift of God and science. We are the answer to the question.

We saw what you have accomplished. Our peace-bringing graphic engineers have looked at your creations, and they have marveled at your designs.

From now on our targets are clear. We shall create our ships as you have built yours, and we shall rise into the sky!




Named in honor of the works of Richard Wagner, the Rheingold - the Gold of the Rhine - is an advanced scout spacecraft, used by the forces of the Fourth Reich as a reconnaissance ship. The Rheingold is fully capable of functioning not only in space but also in any weather conditions encountered on the Earth. Its speed, lightness and high maneuverability, courtesy of the advanced Thule Triebwerk tachyon engine, make it a perfect vessel to quickly travel from the Moon to the Earth.
While the Rheingold has not been designed as a dedicated attack craft, it is nevertheless reinforced with Viktalen armor and equipped with advanced offensive systems, including a modified light variant of the Kraftstrahlkanone cannon. The cannon is installed beneath the hull of the ship and can quickly rotate 360°, making the Rheingold a tough target in chases and dogfights. In addition, the ship's exceptional flexibility has been known to make it a surprisingly formidable adversary in space combat.

The current variant of the Rheingold was conceived and constructed in the laboratories of the Schwarze Sonne Moon Base, as an extension of the original [classified] engineering project, once headed by Gen. Dr. Ing. Hans Friedrich Kammler.

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